petak, 16. rujna 2011.

20 Najjacih RAP stihova iz mog auta...

20. "It aint nothin to a boss, my goons got goons
how stupid dumb big,my rooms got rooms" - Young Jeezy

19. "Got a couple bottles, but a couple ain't enough
Bottoms up, bottoms up, throw your hands up
Tell security we bout to tear this club up" - Trey Songz

18. I got flash screen faling on to inside my whizzy, and my trunk sounds like i got a band full of midgets." - DJ Mistery

17. "Baby girl take a shot to clear your conscience
Not a goon or a God, I’m a monster
Cause I hit all baddest woman in the world, gangsta" - Pitbull

16. "She wants Sex with the lights on..." - Akon

15. "Come here girl Why you runnin'
You and your friend need to be toungin'
Cause' by the end of the night I'mma love ya
Cause' your a dirty girl
And I'mma nasty muther fucker" - T-Pain

14. "Ok quit playin' with the scissors and shit, and cut the crap" - Eminem

13. Give me a bottle and a motherfuckin cup
so me and boy dogs can get (what) fucked up" - Pitbull

12. "Cause the way I feel, I'm strong enough to go to the club
or the corner pub and lift the whole liquor counter up" - Eminem

11. "So hey whats up my little mamacita, and in my bed youl be singing like a diva, damn it girl." - Jackie Boyz

10. "A half fuckin mill,thats what the whip cost me
one-hundred dollaz,thats what the pussy cost me
and when the nigga start hatin,thats when the nigga lost me
fantastico,thats what the hoes call me" - Young Jeezy

9. "So get it girl, you know you gotta get it
like your Louis Vuitton and the prada purse with it
she a boss chick, I’m tryna hit it
all you broke ass n-ggas dont get it" - Game

8. "Take your coat on let me see u throw that baby
just work that thing, I’ma hurt that thing
like its first 48 , im a murk that thing" - Game

7. "Dady always sad: a closed mouth don't get fed,
thats what i tell em stupid hoes when i cracking for head."  - Brisco

6. "From the A.M. to the P.M.
From the night until the morning, i get up and I come up anytime she calls me,
because I give it to my lady anyway she want it. Licky up and Licky down
now le-let’s get it started" - Flo Rida

5. "Got a girl named cigar called her that because she Cuban
got a black chick that be boosting
got a white girl that be boothin
gotta watch her cos she use it
but she fuck me like she stupid" - Lloyd Banks

4. "And you should see shawty from the back (Hey)
Ain’t never seen a girl like that (Hey)
She said she had a man but I had to pursue her
He ain’t never there, so she let me do her
Now I’m all up on her like “oh, oh”
Now she all up on me like “oh, oh" - Dream

3. "She always ready to give me that becky
last time it was so good I almost crashed my Bentley
hit the club ordered bottles see the sparks in the sky
will have this whole bitch lookin’ like the 4th of July" - Lloyd Banks

2. "So I get her and I give her what she want, want, Rod
I beat it up so good she be like “oh, oh God”
Sex better than she imagined
See that pussy through them panties
Got my dick rock hard
Like Medusa looked at it" - T.I.

1. "You’re giving it your all when you’re dancing on me
I want to see if you can give me some more (hey, hey baby)
You can be my girl, I can be your man
And we can pump this jam however you want (hey, hey baby)
Pump it from the side, pump it upside down
Or we can pump it from the back and the front (hey, hey baby)" - Pitbull

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