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Beaches in Split

Edited: 10.08.2016
One of the things tourists want in Split is to get in the sea. As the rest of the Croatian coast, Split has awesome beaches. They are not fancy, and elite types, they are simple and relativly small, and every beach in Split can have a Blue flag( meaning, the water is clear and good)
Where are the beches? I got a map from Google, and pin pointed the beaches... All the beaches(Last picture)
And some personal information about every one. These are the beaches names:
- Prva voda
- Bene
- Kasjuni
- Kastelet/Obojeno
- Bacvice
- Ovcice
- Firule
- Trstenik
- Znjan
- Duilovo

- Prva voda:
The only beach facing north. It's in the Marjan forest. It's small, and not very popular in Split. But if you want shade this is one of the best places. It has a free shower. You won't find  a lot of young girls in bikinies here,it's more of a senior beach: Peacfull. No caffe bars around so bring snacks and drinks(although there is free water on the shower ).Its made of gravel mostly.You can get there by foot (Šetalište Marina Tartaglie street) or by car (Šetalište Bene street) (closest parking spot is cca 20 m with cca.100 parking spots, but can be full at the afternoon).

- Bene:
The only Split beach facing west. Like the first one its in the Marjan forest and with lot of shades. You have showers, a caffe bar and even some recreational facilities like a tennis court and fussball ground, as well as some children playground in the back. It has a concrete coast line for those who don't like rocks, and there is sand in the water... mostly. Free Shower included.Mostly older or family people with children. Not a lot of chicks. You can get there by foot following the north Marjan road (Šetalište Marina Tartaglie street)  or by car/autobus that goes on the south road.

- Kasjuni:
South side of Marjan forest.
Gravel makes the whole beach. No shades so bring some. You need to pay for the shower.
Two caffe bars. Mixed people coverage. Mostly for people with cars due to the fact that the beach is far from the populated areas of Split.

-Kastelet or Obojeno:
Kastelet for older peeps, and Obojeno for young. One of the popular beaches by the locals and especially young people..
Located south of Marjan forest. Its made of two parts. Free showers, two caffe bars, and a lot of people. Mostly young people. It has a big parking lot so if with car no problems.Gravel type of beach. Get your flirting game on, because you will need it if you want that hot girl or guy beside you to put sun lotion on you, and believe me, you will need it if you don't wan't to go home red.

The famous sand beach of Split.Located east of the ferry and train station. A lot of caffe bars,snack bars, restaurants and has free showers. The place where the famous Split game PICIGIN is heavily played.(learn:,due to the fact that the water is shallow and sandy.
It has a sandy side and a concrete side. Not good if you enjoy swimming,but good for kids. A lot of kids there.

Gravel type beach. Just east of Bacvice. Small and not popular with young people. Mostly older people on it. Shower and one caffe bar on it with and extended cocktail bar making it possible to drink cocktails on the beach it self.Car parking above but you need to be lucky.

The second sand beach of Split.Its like a small version of Bacvice. The shallow water makes it very good for children. Mostly old people or people with children. Free shower and a caffe bar on it,also a small store. The main Split tennis courts are just above.Some shades. Car parking can be a problem, due to the fact that the only one near is shared with beaches Ovcice and Bacvice.

Gravel type beach. No shades. Relatively big. Mixed people count. But i would say its mostly adults. A typical beach, not a lot of rush on it. Free Shower.Parking can be found but not near the beach.

Probably the most popular beach for young people. It's the biggest beach in Split, separated in couple of parts. Biggest problem is that it has almost no shade.So probability of sun burn while flirting with local girls is 200%. There is a parking lot behind it and parking is no problem.
A lot of beach bars, caffe bars, snack stands,recreational facilities, skate park, kids playground.
Shower are free. A lot of good looking guys and girls. Gravel type all the way.

Probably the most non popular beach in Split.Its the last Split beach, under a big slope, that can be terrifying to look especially to lay down beneath it. Its gravel and concrete made. Has some shade. Free shower.Also there is a dog beach on it so if you are with your animal pet, this is the only legal beach for him to get some sea time.Mostly older people and kids.

So where to go? I will leave that to you.
But its simple, Young people choose beaches like Obojeno,Znjan... Family peeps go on Bacvice, Firule, Seniors may choose Bene,Prva Voda, Ovcice. Adults probably prefer beaches like Kasjuni, Trstenik...
Your call... If you can't decide why not take a walk. You can get from Bacvice all the way to Znjan in probably 30 minutes of normal walk, and with that you will pass 5 beaches.. remember Split is still a small city.

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