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FIFA Development Office Zurich


Due to the fact that I don't know to who to send this message and idea, I have chosen the FIFA Development Office Zürich ass my number one choice. Please forward this to the person in charge of development if the original email address is not valid.

My name is "Full Name", and I'm from Croatia.
I have an idea of improving football as a game, and I would really like you to think about it, because it's very simple and effective.

The main focus is the player's simulating while being tackled (a very often situation in modern football).

The current FIFA regulation as I know, is to give the player a warning or yellow card if the referee sees the simulation, but due to the fact that in the most situations the referee can't see or, can't determine the simulation is real or not, doesn't do anything about it, so we have a game time being wasted on determining is the player really hurt or not, due to the fact that he is laying on the ground in pain (or so it seems that way). 

The game is starting to break of quite often by this thing, and its starting to get annoying for the viewers.

The idea, or concept that I would like FIFA to impose is that, a player that has been tackled and has problems leaves the field for treatment and stays out a minimum of one minute.

If the player is tackled hard, he will need treatment and that minute or more will be spent on the treatment of the player as usual, but if the player is just simulating a rough tackle on him, than once he clears the filed, he won't "magically" get well and try to enter the filed, but will wait some time (about a minute), and then enter it. It is not appropriate and fair to see a man/woman that was in that much agony seconds ago, starting to run, like nothing happened and not getting punished for it, although he wasted a couple of minutes lying on the pitch.

This rule will leave his team one man short for some while, as a punishment for his simulation. Also if he is injured, and gets a fast treatment, it is fair to let the player get a breath and fully "mentally" recover from the tackle and not to rush him in the game, making a later injury at minimum. One the player is tackled, it is OK to give him a couple of seconds to recover and take a breath, but if he can't continue to play he should immediately leave the pitch for treatment, and make the game resume as fast as it can, making tackle brakes less game-breaking.

The "one minute rule", shouldn't be an exact minute, just some kind of time margin when a player can return to the pitch. Due to the new communication methods of the referees, the fourth referee can easily remember the main referee that a player is out to long. Once this concept gets through the players, they will eventually stop to simulate, knowing that if they do it, they will not come back so easily. It will also make the game more challenging for a team who wants to waste time on a more concrete way using more skills,and tactics and less lying around pretending to be hurt.

This situation can be a tip or something they have the power to do, and should be implemented in the game, and making it more about football skill and less about "passive football skills" that players are trying to learn more than they need to.

 I hope this will at least be an inspiration for some kind of a football rule, that will exterminate the frequent simulations that is killing football.

Alen Asanovic

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