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5 default things a smatphone should have

New smarphones are good but the development is going in the wrong direction. It's all about useless apps and state of the art hardware that is useless. Optimisation sucks, so today we have 2GB RAM memory and a quad core processor. WTF? Guys if you want a fucking computer, buy a laptop. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with the people.U need two hands to operate a new smartphone., and a bag to carry it!
And still some main characteristics are not implemented in it. I give you five things that we need and that are not so hard to implement, but no body doesnt want to.Whay? Well 'cuz they are to busy making angry birds and riping computer parts and puting them in a phone.

1. User accounts
We all know this from our REAL computers. Its an awesome thing if there are multiple users using the PC. It can be easily implemented in a phone but not for multiple users(there are none) but in a way of security. Every one had a situation where a friend asks for the phone. To see a picture or make a call. It's OK, but do you really want someone using your phone or watching pictures while you have some other pictures you don't want him to see? Is it to hard to add some fast guest button which will lock all predefined things like pictures,texts, videos or other options so when you give your phone you don't need to worry he will see something he doesn't need to see.Because some pictures won't be able to open.
-Friend: Can i see you pictures?
-You: Take phone, Unlock it, click Guest button
-You: Here you go.

So simple and usefull yet we don't have it

2. Tracking system
Phones are werry expensive. And phone theft is high. What does any phone have for protection? Nothing!
Dear Phone makers, we want some protection. Every new phone uses internet. One way or another. It's a vital part of every big ass smartphone. Why don't you give us an implemented tracking system?
A system that will, when activated( from the web) automatically search for the phone serial number(or security number if implemented). How? Well everytime a phone gets connected to the internet it will send it's "ID" to the predefined server. A small data frame containing it's ID(no big data). When the server gets it, it will check if the phone is announced missing. If NO, it will do nothing, if yes it will send a feedback. Once the phone recives it, it will add it's current location and will block itself. It may have some other features but a full phone block will be adequite. Nobody will want to "buy" a phone model that has this option from a thief. Phone theft will dramaticlly go down because its no use stealing something that can block if it connects to the internet. And a smartphone without a internet access is just bad investment.

3. SMS/CALL blocker
How many times have you been harassed on the phone? How many times did someone called you and you just don't want to answer, and they keep on calling, nad calling and calling...
How hard is it to make some blocking software and make it a part of an mobile OS?
You put a number or first 3-4 digits that you dont want to answer to, or even read a SMS from it and when a call comes from it, it will automaticly block and won't even ring. It would be awesome if we could block those Unknown numbers just because we can.

4. Message delay sender
Friend: Can you send me a message later to remind me of that thing?
You: No i can't because who is going to remember me?

Yea. Sending Emails or Messages at some point could be handy. Its basicly syncronising your alarm and messanger. Yes, i can put a reminder to send something but what if i'm busy later? What if i'm at the beach? This can be usefull on SMS or Email messaging.

5.Dual SIM
The last and probably the most usefull thing is Dual SIM cards. I mean WTF world? This thing should be a standard thing on every new model. They should make 2 models of each phone. One with one SIM and another with 2 SIM cards. Working people need to use two phones, one for work and another private phone. Why? What if you have 2 mobile providers?And half of your friends use 1 provider and the other a second one. I would like to have bargain calls, and i can't talk with a friend on the second provider if i don't want a big bill on the end of the month.This is am major thing. One phone,two SIM cards, it's out there but werry rare. And mostly Chinese phones( and we all know how that works).

We can probably get some of this sftware as an individual app. But these things should be a standard default thin on any smatphone. Please give us real improvements and not some redisigned shit that you call inovation.


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