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Ultra Europe 2014 accommodation

Ultra is coming to SPLIT. Accommodations are starting to fill up and the heat is on. Locals are moving from home just to let people stay at their place for a couple of days. Its crazy here in Split...

Getting a cheap apartment in Split will need luck, and a sack of cash, because even if you find something in Split you will probably pay in gold for that. Prices have jumped to 100 euros per night in the city and will go higher. Last year people were renting for 300 euros per night witch is just wrong.... But as they say every item has its buyer so...f*** it...

My personal recommendation is to skip Split and find a place outside Split. Most of those places are cheaper and most have transport to the festival. Getting a pre-arranged is vital because the public transports and the taxi services are crowded and busy, so even if you have a place in Split you will probably need to walk to it. And after 8,9 or 12 hours of partying that will suck. i might mention that Split is not a flat terrain city....
So trasportation is a good thing to have.

I got some friends hooking apartments in the outskirts of the city. A room for 4 persons is 800 euros.
That is for all 4 persons and 4 days  and a 4 day transport. So that's 50 euros per day with transport.If you guys need questions,details or even apartment pictures contact me and i'll send you the email. tipfeler.blog@.gmail.com

See you at ULTRA.

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  1. hey guys, message me if you need accomodation in Split, 5 km away from Ultra stadium, see ya, missandreadea@gmail.com

  2. accomodation for ulta europe
    2 apartments
    info: imilic@vss.hr

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