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Split Sightseeing

Ok Split is hot. Every year, the number of tourists is increasing. That means the number of tourists who want to see everything and don't know what to see is bigger. So, as a local guy, i'm gonna help. I'm gonna give you a map and pinpoint everything you need to see in Split, and around Split. Lets start:

- Diocletian's Palace(1.)

Once a guy said:"I thougt it was a small palace!" Well no. Its not small, its huge.You can get lost in it(and i incourage you to do because only then you will feel it all) I recomend a whole day for the palace,or at least a half a day.You will find a lot off small and big things in it that i wont list it here.Museums(Ethnographic Museum),squares(The Peristyle of Diocletian's Palace),Churches (Cathedral and Bell Tower of St. Domnius)...

- Riva(2.)
Is the main and the most famous promenade in the city. It is sad that all Split citizens got to Riva in the morning and dring coffe there and stay until lunch...Of course that is crazy but if the day is good finding a seat on Riva is hard.

- Prokurative(3.)
If there is a cultural thing going on in the open in Split, it's here.A Venice style square made in the latter half of 19. century.

- Grgur Ninski Statue(4.)
Google map: 43.509482,16.440866
Close your eyes and hold his golden toe. Make a wish and it will come true. Well im not a millionare yet, so maybe it's not true, but try,maybe you'll have more luck.

-Marmontova Street (5.)
Nice looking promenade that will lead you from the National Theatre to Riva. Made by the French(Napoleon) Marshal Marmont, just to say:"Hey were here 8 years!"

-The City Museum of Split (6.)
Google map: 43.508682,16.440659
The roots of the city are stored here

- Emanuel Vidović Gallery (7.)
Google map: 43.508221,16.441096
Probably the most popular Dalmatian painter. And there are real pictures there, none of those modern 2 colour shit you see these days.

-Green Market (8.)
"Pazar". Place to buy your souvenirs and other stuff you need.Just east of the Palace walls.It can be gouped in sections, the food section, the souveniers section and the clothes section.

-Croatian National Theatre (9.)
Google map: 43.510954,16.43739
The oldest theatre in Split. With its beauty who needs a second one? Built in 1859. Burnd down in 1881.

-The Art Gallery (10.)
Google map: 43.50974,16.440144
A nice mixure of art from a mixure of artists foreign and domestic.

-Veli Varoš (11.)
West of Prokurative.Characteristical narrow Dalmatian streets will make you go back to those old days.

-Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments (12.)
Google map: 43.515957,16.435246
Old things. Some date back to the 7th century. Most from 9th to 12th century.You Want Croatian history? You go here.

- Croatian Maritime Museum (13.)
Google map: 43.509011,16.446461
Located in the Gripe Fortress. A place to see all the dalmatian martime things. Also has a cool modern half-ship located at its entry doors whitch you can "board" for free. I won't tell you about the anti air guns, but do bring the ammo.

-Marjan Hill and the "Vidilica" (14.)
Google map: 43.507727,16.43026
Is on the top of the Marjan forest. The Prva(first) Vidilica is located a little closer. If you have a Split postcard, it is made from that spot. Bring your camera.

-Archeological Museum (15.)
Google map: 43.504208,16.422372
The oldest museum in the country(The lords year of 1820.).A lot of nice old things here.

- Meštrović Gallery (16.)
Google map: 43.504231,16.417941
The most popular Croatian sculptor. Mastrepieces from marble, wood and stone are located in the villa and beautiful mediterranean garden.

-Poljud Stadium (17.)
Football club Hajduk makes its appearances here. As do the Famous "Torcida" supporters.Second largest stadium in Croatia but probably the most beautifull in the region.Made in 1979 for the Mediterannean Games.

-Salona (18.)
6 km north of the city.There are the remains of the antic city that was the capital of the province.Walls are BC old.

-Fortress of Klis (19.)
A fortress also made in 3rd century BC. And expanded later on.11 km north-east from Split.Major strategic place in this part and it withstanded a lot of beating in the past.Problably because nobody liked to climb. Respect to the builders.

-Trogir Old town (20.)
27 kilometers west of Split is Trogir. Its center is like a miniature Split center.Local buses go frequently there so if you have

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