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Split Prices

So you are asking: "How much money i need to be comfortable in Split?" Well i'm gonna list some prices for this 2014 year to make your  financial as comfortable as it can.
1,00 kn(kuna) is about 7.60 euro's(be sure to check the exchange rate)

- Eating in a restaurant is min. 40 kn(a honest meal not salads)
- Pizza in a restaurant is also min. 40 kn (30-35 in a fast food)
- Slice of pizza is about 10 kn
- Hamburger 20-25 kn
- Eggs 10 pcs. in store 15 kn
- Bread in store 7 kn
- Chips in store min. 10 kn

-Beer 0,3l in a store is about 8 kn
-Beer 0,5l in a store is about 12 kn
-Beer 2l in a store is about 20 kn
-CocaCola 1l in store 8 kn
-CocaCola 0,5l in store 6 kn
-Juice 1l in a store about 10 kn
-Water in store 1l 5kn
- Milk 1l in store min. 6 kn
- Wine in store min. 20 kn
-Vodka in  a store  min. 60 kn
-Other Alcohol(Jagermeiter, Whiskey...) in a store is  min.100 kn
-Beer 0,3 in a club or bar is about 20 kn
-Shooter 0,03 in a club is about 15 kn
-Cocktail 0,5l in  a club is  min. 30 kn
-Cocktail 1l in  a club is min. 100 kn

Other things:
- Toothpaste 15 kn
- Condoms 25 kn

-Taxi is about min. 50 kn 1. zone
-Local bus 1. zone is 11 kn
-Local bus 2. zone is 13 kn
-Local bus 3. zone is 17 kn
-Local bus 4. zone is 21 kn
-Local bus lines link

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