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Split Tips

General information, tips and hints on Split by a local man:

1. Split is the second biggest city in Croatia.
2. Split is located on a peninsula and has the see on the south, north and east.
3. In the North of the city is the Industrial zone. The East side is coverd with a forest, and in  the South are the beaches.
4. Split has its local forest on the East called "Marjan". No building alowed and a godd place for some quietly walk or run with the family or dog.
5. There are two main roads in Split. "Domovinskog Rata" street on the north and "Poljicka cesta" on the south. Both will lead you neer the center of the city, or to the city exit.
6. You can find small shops and a lot of fast food's across Split, so drink and food should't be a problem.
7. Talking bad about Hajduk club can get you in problems if the crowd around you are fans.
8. Using a Bus is more common in Split. Taxi is considered expensive in Split.
9. Free drinkable water taps can be found across Split.Dont drink if there is a "NO DRINKING SIGN".
10. Although throwing garbage in the trash can is a common courtesy, nobody will look at you with disrespect when you leave glass/plastic/ can bottles on the side. Bottles can be exchanged for money in Croatia, and are picked up by poor people.
11. Eating and drinking in the Split center is a lot expensive then the rest of the city. If you are on a strict buget, walk from the center to find a restaurant.
12. Parking in the city center is hard to find and also expensive. There is a lot of free parking places if you can find them.
13. Bublic drinking is tehnically aginst the law, but nobody cares. Having a beer/bottle of votka on a wall/park won't bring you problems.
14. Smoking in closed public areas is forbidden.A lot of bars and cafee bars will let you smoke but ask first.
15. Split shopkeepers and stand sellers don't like to Bargain. The price is mostly fixed, but buying multiple items can get you a discount if you ask.

-The most well known Sport teams are:
HNK Hajduk(Football) - Founded in 1911. One of the most succesfull football clubs in Croatia, having big financial problemsnow. Fans are called "Torcida" and are known in the supporter world. Plays on Stadion "Poljud".

RNK Split(Football) -founded in 1912. "The Hajduk's little brother" is not little any more, and is competing in the Croatian 1. League with Hajduk.Was in the 4.Croatina  League in season 2007/2008 and made up to 1. League by season 2010/2011 (Yes... 4 years, 4 advancements).Plays at stadium "Park Mladezi"(translation: "Park of youth")

KK Split(Basketball)-Founded 1945. The pride of Split basketball. Now also in financial problems.It has a big european and national history.Plays at "Gripe".

RK Nada(Rugby) Founded 1959. (translation: "Hope"). The best rugby club in Croatia(Won the league last 12 years.) Plays at "Stari Plac".

Most known Sport People from Split(still alive):
Blanka Vlasic (High Jump Athlete)
Goran Ivanisevic (Tennis)
Toni Kukoc (Basketball)
Ivano Balic (Handball)
Slaven Bilic (Fotball manager)
Duje Draganja (Swimmer)

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