subota, 1. listopada 2011.

Gimme Some More

M: Hey, how u doing baby girl? I noticed you from... across the way, and... I think me and u should get to talking
W: Whatever
M: So... If ur not doing nothing later on tonight maybe u can come to my place?
W: and?
M: Baby girl, u know how much money I got? Opra does my laundry,
W: So what?
M: Michael jordan cuts my grass,
W: Big deal.
M: U know how frivolous I am? I drive a Hummer to the end of my driveway just to get the mail, and thats ALL I use it for!
W: That aint nothin..
M: I got 6 stock brokers, 14 doctors, 2 lawyers, 17 accountants and 8 other lawyers to watch the first 2
lawyers, so...
W: God, get outta my face!
M: And I got custom made condoms that’s made out of other peoples dicks
W: WOW, really!?
M: And SHIT, when Im too tired to get my socks blown, I hire someone else to fuck for me.
W: Obviously you mistake me for someone like cares a shit.
M: U know how rich I am, U know how much credit I got? I threw away all my platinum cards, and I got a Uranium card!
W: aaahhh LOSER!
M: Bitch. I drive a Rolls Royce pickup truck
W: Step off buckkie.
M: I got a penthouse with a helicopter pad on the roof and snipers in the other building to make sure no
one steals my helicopter.
W: Look u played out player, I don’t need you! I GOT a vibrator!
M: Donald Trump delivers my newspapers in the morning and I don’t even tip him.
W: Listen motherfucker, if u want some this, ur gonna have to give me some more!
M: God DAMN, their aint no more! Is there?

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